With summer in full swing, many people are spending as much time as possible enjoying their outdoor spaces. While a full remodel of the space can be costly and time-consuming, there are plenty of affordable and easy deck and patio updates. Here are some great ideas to make your outdoor space comfortable and relaxing.

Deck and Patio Updates for Seating

Seating is one of the main features of any outdoor space. Install some hanging furniture from the porch ceiling for some unique seating options. Porch swings are classic, and hammocks and hanging chairs come in all sorts of styles. With the seemingly endless size and fabric selections available, you’ll find an option to work in any space. Install the anchors into a sturdy joist or structural beam so the chair will securely hold the weight.

Light It Up

Add outdoor lights to make your deck or patio usable and safer after the sun has gone down. Hardwired light fixtures, string lights, and hanging solar lanterns are all excellent options to add to your outdoor space. Solar lights for decks and patios are affordable and durable, and they turn on automatically at night to light up the area.

Deck and Patio Updates to Add Texture

People want their deck or patio area to feel like an outdoor living room. Bring some of the simple comforts of your living room outside. For example, adding an outdoor rug and some throw pillows to your patio furniture is a quick and easy way to update your space.

Make It Private

One way to make a deck or patio feel more private is to add some curtains or a privacy wall. Outdoor drapes are weather-resistant and provide a barrier between you and the neighbors. While hiring professional masons to build a stone wall is expensive, you could make a DIY pallet wall and then train vines to grow on it for a rustic look.

Upcycled Tables

In addition to great seating, a comfortable deck or patio needs flat space to set drinks, books, and decor. A low-cost way to get new tables is to upcycle things you have on hand or can get at the thrift store. Refurbish wood pallets into coffee tables. End tables can be made from upturned crates or wicker baskets or even old tree stumps that have been sanded and sealed.

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