When you’re in the process of purchasing a home, a home inspection is a fairly common step. Some inspectors are using newer technologies for a more comprehensive report, like drones in home inspections. Here are a few ways that you can benefit from this as a homebuyer.

1. View More Areas with Drones in Home Inspections

Although inspectors can visually assess a roof, they may have difficulty reaching some areas. A drone does not have the same limitations. Even if the roof is steep or hard to view, it will fly above the roof and take pictures and videos to document its condition.

Some roofs with steep slopes and complicated architectural features are difficult to access. A drone can fly above, around, and underneath these areas to capture high-resolution photos.

2. Drones in Home Inspections Provide High-Resolution Images

A drone documents details that may otherwise go unobserved without this tool. Drones are capable of taking high-resolution images. You can zoom in on a photo with a great level of detail. Roof damage like missing or cracked shingles is shown in high-resolution, which helps to provide a more thorough inspection report.

3. Visual Inspection of the Property

Although drones in home inspections are typically used to inspect the roof, they are also being used to survey the entire property. This is helpful if you’re purchasing a larger piece of land and want to get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding features. Drones can fly over trees and power lines and show the neighboring properties in relation to the one being inspected. The images of the property will come in handy if you want to parcel out and build on the land in the future.

4. Peace of Mind

Whether buying or selling a property, knowing the condition of the roof is important. If a seller wants to make repairs before selling, a drone inspection will give them helpful information. Buyers will also want to know the condition of the roof before committing to purchasing. The inspection will help you decide whether it’s better to make repairs or if you need to replace the roof entirely.

These are just a few of the reasons why drones for home inspections are a good idea. They provide detailed information about hard-to-access areas along with an overhead view of the entire property.

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