Remodeling or upgrading your bathroom is a great way to freshen up the space while increasing the home’s overall value. When upgrading your bathroom, there are many things you can do to make the space more functional without having to break the bank. Below, we have listed some easy bathroom updates you can DIY.

Here Are Some Easy Bathroom Updates You Can DIY:

Paint the Walls

Changing your bathroom’s paint or color scheme is an easy bathroom update you can DIY. Find a color or combination of colors that will go well with the cabinets and tiles in your bathroom. When it comes to colors, you can go as minimal or as bold as you want. Choose from subtle tones like beige and light gray to statement colors and bright accents. Adding a new splash of paint to your bathroom is also an update you do over the weekend, helping you save both time and money.

Get a New Mirror

Every bathroom needs at least one large mirror. In most cases, this is placed above the bathroom sink to make it easier for you to get ready in the mornings. Over time, your bathroom mirror can fade or crack. If your bathroom mirror needs an upgrade, replace it with a new one. Although there are many stores and websites that you can buy your new mirror from, you can also look through your local antique stores for a unique design.

Replace Your Textiles

Another easy bathroom update you can DIY is to replace your bathroom’s textiles. As time goes by, your towels and rugs can get faded and worn out. If this is the case, something as simple as replacing your towels can make a big difference. When designing your new bathroom, incorporate bath towels, hand towels, and rugs into the new color scheme for a seamless and complementary look.

Easy Bathroom Updates to Change the Décor

A subtle and easy bathroom update you can DIY is to add some new decorations around your bathroom. These can include soap dispensers, small plants, air fresheners, a decorative ladder for towels, or even frames and art for the walls.

Redo Cabinets for Easy Bathroom Updates

Another great and easy bathroom update you can DIY is to update your cabinets. The storage and cabinets in your bathroom can wear out over time, but you do not need to replace them entirely. If your cabinets squeak, a little bit of grease in the hinges can get it as good as new. Painting cabinets can make them look new. Changing out the cabinet pulls for modern options can impact the whole space.

In addition to your bathroom cabinets, you can also add open shelves to add both functionality and decoration to the space.

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