Winter is just around the corner, so now is the time to make improvements that will help heat your home efficiently. Reducing inefficiencies with your heating system saves you money and makes your home more comfortable. Here are the 5 steps to keep your house warm and your heating bill low.

Heat Your Home Efficiently With a Smart Home System

Smart home systems aren’t just for newly built homes. These systems allow you to control your thermostat and appliances remotely so that energy isn’t wasted. Some smart home systems even have sensors that can tell when no one is home. They will automatically lower the thermostat a few degrees so that energy is not wasted on heating an empty house.

Seal Up Drafts

The warm air inside your home may be escaping to the outdoors through gaps and cracks. Prepare for winter by replacing worn weatherstripping around doors and caulking cracks around windows. Seal up gaps in siding around plumbing pipes. Your home will be more efficient once it is airtight.

Circulate Air

Make sure that your home is set up to let heat circulate throughout the rooms. Bulky furniture on top of vents blocks airflow and makes the system work harder. Don’t place any objects over HVAC vents. Use your ceiling fans to circulate the warm air that your heating system has produced. They should be rotating clockwise in the winter to push warm air down.

Don’t Let the Temperature Vary Too Much

If you let the temperature fall too low, the heating system has to work harder to raise it back up to a comfortable level. If you use a smart thermostat, you can set temperatures on a timed schedule. When you set the schedule, don’t let the thermostat fluctuate more than a few degrees.

Heat Your Home Efficiently With a Heating System Upgrade

HVAC systems don’t last forever, and they become less efficient as they get older. If your energy bills are high and you struggle to keep your home warm, invest in a new heating system. While the cost for a new furnace is high upfront, the savings in your energy bill over time are well worth it.

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