Whether you’re purchasing a new property or listing your current home for sale, a home inspection is a key part of the process. A professional assessment will determine the overall condition of a house so you can better understand its value. To receive a high-quality inspection, find a reputable and capable professional inspector. Here are some key questions to ask when hiring a home inspector.

When Hiring a Home Inspector, Ask About Experience

Experience is an important indicator of an inspector’s work quality. Generally speaking, somebody who’s been working in the field for many years will perform better services than a person who just started. To get an accurate assessment of an inspector’s capability, ask about their previous work history and experience in the industry. Ask about any certifications or special training they have.

How Much Will the Inspection Cost?

As a homeowner, you have a budget for a home inspection. Find out what the inspection will cost and what is included in that price. It’s easier to plan ahead financially when this information is discussed from the beginning. Be able to provide some information about the property, like size and age, to get the most accurate estimate.

When Hiring a Home Inspector, Ask About Equipment Used

If you don’t know what to expect with a home inspection, you might not think to inquire about specific tools that will be used. To conduct a home inspection properly, professionals use a wide array of equipment to improve their thoroughness and accuracy. While a trained inspector will know what to look for and what methods to use, these professionals are more productive with the right tools. Ask about inspection methods, equipment, and processes.

Ask How Long the Inspection Will Take

When working with an inspector, it’s important to successfully fit them into your schedule around other responsibilities. You’ll get the most out of the inspection if you are present at it. Ask questions about when they can visit the property and how long their inspections usually take. They can probably give you a rough estimate of the time they’ll spend at the house. Keep in mind that something unexpected could be found, resulting in a longer-than-expected appointment.

When Will You Receive the Results?

Ask about the turnaround time for receiving the report after the inspection. It can take time to generate a final report and that the process could be longer if a lot of problems need to be documented. A good home inspector understands that you need to receive the report promptly.

When you’re getting ready to put your house on the market or are thinking about buying a new home, ask questions when scheduling a home inspector. You’ll know what to expect going into the inspection and feel better prepared during the process.

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