You expect your new home to be perfectly constructed. The house has not had any wear and tear from previous occupants, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any defective materials or mistakes that happened during construction. Before you move into a newly built house, here are a few reasons to order a home inspection on new construction.

When to Order a Home Inspection on New Construction

You can choose to order a home inspection after the building is complete. You can also have phase inspections before components like the drywall and floor are in place to catch problems while they are still accessible for repairs.

There are a few phases in which you might request an inspection: when the foundation is ready for concrete, before the drywall is installed, and as a final walk-through before closing.

Order Stage Inspections

Requesting a home inspection before the drywall is installed allows the inspector to view that wiring goes to each outlet box, that plumbing vents are intact, and that the studs are not compromised. The inspector can also assess the floor joists and look for fire stops that are installed to prevent a fire from spreading from one area to another.

Verify More than Basic Building Codes

Don’t rely on the code inspector to provide your only inspection on new construction. Their job is to verify compliance with local building codes and they only look at a small fraction of the components that a professional home inspection will cover.

Grading and Landscaping

Water that collects around the walls of the home leads to foundation problems, insect infestation, and rot. Order a home inspection so the inspector can verify that the grading and drainage direct water away from the home and prevent pooling near the foundation.

A Home Inspection on New Construction Verifies Functionality

In your new home, you expect appliances to operate perfectly. Order a home inspection on new construction to verify all systems and appliances are in working order.

The inspector will check that the dishwasher drains properly, the HVAC unit works correctly, and that the garbage disposal is connected and functioning. The inspector assesses all electrical outlets, light fixtures, smoke detectors, radon mitigation systems, and kitchen and bathroom ventilation.

Save Money by Ordering an Inspection on New Construction

An inspection will inform you of what needs to be repaired or replaced before closing. When you schedule an inspection on new construction, you can save money by requesting that the builder repair any defects before your move-in date.

An Inspection is Helpful at Resale

When you’re preparing to sell your home, a potential buyer will order an inspection to learn about the condition of the property. Any defects that were present since construction will be revealed. Order an inspection on new construction to have the builder correct the issues. You also avoid future damages by fixing problems before they worsen over time.

The cost of a home inspection varies depending on your location, the size of the building to be inspected, and the types of services you request. However, the inspection provides peace of mind that your new home is well-built and ready to be occupied. Head off any future issues with your home by ordering an inspection on new construction.

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