Staying on top of all your home maintenance chores can be daunting. It’s important to keep up with your maintenance schedule if you want to avoid costly repairs in the future. Here are tips to help you stay on schedule.

Home Maintenance Chores for Plumbing

Get plumbing leaks fixed at the very first sign of trouble. A small leak will worsen over time, causing water damage and an inflated water bill. Small leaks are usually simple to fix, but a major leak is likely to result in expensive repair bills.

Inspect Caulking

Check the caulking in your bathrooms and kitchen periodically. Caulk prevents water from getting into small areas around your tub and sinks. When water gets into these crevices, mold is likely to grow. If you let the situation worsen, the wood framing around these features may start to rot.

Scrape away deteriorating caulking and re-caulk any areas that need it. When wall studs, joists, or flooring begins to rot away because of water intrusion, you’ll pay the price in hefty repair bills.

Roof Inspection

Assess the condition of your roof from the outside with binoculars. Your roof protects your home from the elements and keeps moisture from seeping into your home. Go up into the attic and look for light coming through the boards. If you see dark spots on the wood in the attic, then you most likely have a roof leak. Call in a contractor to get the leak repaired properly, or consider installing a new roof if yours is nearing the end of its life.

Home Maintenance Chores for Gutters

Your gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year. Take a look at your gutters while you are cleaning them. Check for gaps, punctures, and loose brackets. It’s typically inexpensive to tighten up brackets or patch any leaks or holes in gutters. Waiting until your gutters need to be replaced is a mistake that might cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Inspect Your Outdoor Decks

Your outdoor deck areas are constantly taking a beating from the weather. Seal the decking to prolong its life. This is a relatively simple home maintenance chore that will keep your deck in better condition for longer.

Check for Termite Issues

Get your home inspected for termites and other wood-destroying pests. Allowing termites to eat away at your home can turn into thousands of dollars in repairs on your property.

Don’t Put Off Home Maintenance Chores

Most people don’t like performing home maintenance chores, but it’s even worse spending money on repairs that could have been avoided if you had paid attention to small problems. Use the above tips to catch minor issues before they become large ones.

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