Moving is a stressful time for most families. It is a daunting task that requires a lot of organization and planning. Moving is especially overwhelming when you are trying to juggle other responsibilities at the same time, such as work or school. The good news is there are ways to make your move easier.

Declutter Your Home to Make Your Move Easier

Don’t pack and move items that you’re not using regularly or don’t need at all. Get rid of any belongings that no longer serve you. Sort these items into piles to throw away, sell, or donate to a local charity. You’ll reduce the number of items you have to pack and make sure only meaningful things will transition to your new home.

Take Inventory

If you are hiring a reputable moving company, they will take inventory for you. However, if you’re moving your things on your own, keep a record of your belongings. Check each room in the house and document the items before they are loaded into a truck or van.

Inventory is useful because if something gets lost along the way, you’ll have a record of it being packed. Assign each box a number and write it on the tracking sheet and the box itself.

Get the New House Ready

Thoroughly clean the new house before moving in so the space is ready for your family. Hire a professional cleaning service if you don’t have time to clean yourself or you just need a break from all the work. Many services offer one-time cleanings for people moving into or out of a home.

To make moving easier, set up the utilities at the new home before move-in day. You’ll want to have power and water for yourself and your family after a long day of hard work.

Organize Important Documents to Make Your Move Easier

Make sure all important documents are together and safe in one place. Moving is a great time to organize personal and business paperwork. Pack the documents together and label everything accordingly so if you need something, you’ll be able to find it quickly.

Keep an Emergency Fund

Set aside money for unforeseen problems. Likewise, allow time to deal with unexpected events. The moving truck could break down or you may encounter bad weather on the trip. Having a bit of extra money will make handling these types of situations easier.

Use Plastic Wrap to Make Your Move Easier

Plastic wrap is useful for wrapping furniture so drawers and cabinet doors stay closed during transport. Plastic-wrapped items also stay clean and undamaged. While this is usually something that is done by professionals, you can purchase the wrap online and take care of it yourself.

Protecting Breakables

Some kitchenware may be breakable and you’ll want to protect these pieces to get them safely to the next house. Wrap delicate items in newspaper, bubble wrap, or towels, and place them in small boxes. Label the boxes so you’ll know what’s inside and mark the boxes fragile.

To Make Your Move Easier, Use Color-Coding

Color-code your boxes to keep track of where things belong. Assign each room a color and mark each box accordingly. When you arrive at your new home, sort the boxes by room to make unpacking easier.

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